Strategic perspective for 2023 - 2026

23 December 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Since 1989, we have been co-creating the European lighting market. During this time we have delivered professional lighting products and services to 75 countries around the world, driving positive infrastructural transformation. We help to save electricity and make our environment safer and more pleasant to live in. We have been making things clear for 33 years. Get to know us from a new perspective! 

In the past 2022, the whole world looked to an unprecedented armed conflict, deeply engaged in brotherly aid, opening homes and hearts to all those in need. At the same time, international communities were making additional efforts for a green energy transition, still dealing with the consequences of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The remodelled supply chain and the demands of the new normal we find ourselves in, have brought fundamental changes. In view of these developments, we decided to extend the previous strategic perspective to the year 2022, using additional time to develop professional, responsible and effective answers to above challenges. Developed by LUG SA Capital Group, Strategy for 2023 - 2026 is a set of strategic and tactical tools that will allow us to even better satisfy the needs of our partners in a changing world, taking into account the new priorities. Without compromising on quality. Without doubt.    

To create a sustainable living environment for a better tomorrow through a light.

Find out more about the LUG S.A. Group's strategic outlook for 2023 - 2026 and the new value proposition we are addressing to all customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. Join the online conference scheduled for March 2023 and learn about the initiatives we have prepared. Take part in a discussion on the sustainable light of the future - let's talk about how we can collectively write our best urban story with light. 

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See you soon!

Strategic perspective for 2023 - 2026