Business Profile

LUG S.A. is the dominating entity in LUG S.A. Capital Group - the leader among Polish manufacturers of professional luminaires. The company has been present on the market since 1989 and throughout the time has developed from a small local company into a modern corporation which creates innovative lighting solutions.

In 2008, LUG Group founded LUG Light Factory Ltd – a luminaire manufacturer and LUG GmbH which operates in Germany. In the following years, two more companies were founded: in 2012 LUG do Brazil based in Sao Paulo and in 2013 LUG Lighting UK Ltd based in the United Kingdom. LUG Group is the sole shareholder of LLF Ltd, LUG GmbH and LUG Lighting UK Ltd. LUG Capital Group also includes T.O.W. Ukraine the trading of which is currently suspended.

LUG Group operates in the field of professional lighting technology with high technological and usability demands. LUG’s current offer includes a number of industrial and decorative luminaires. External – used for lighting buildings, streets, car parks and sports complexes. Internal – used in stores, offices and supermarkets. The products combine modern design with usability and exceptional lighting parameters what allows them to meet the requirements of the EU market and satisfy the users’ needs. All LUG luminaires have quality certificates which confirm their compliance with European standards. ISO 9001:2000 procedures ensure customer satisfaction and a high standard of service.

The market success of the LUG's luminaires is achieved by consequent observation of tendencies and needs emerging in the sector represented by the company on the one hand, and the use of high quality components for luminaires manufacture on the other hand. Professional machine park and high class components make LUG's lumianires the products on the highest level.

The company’s prestige has been confirmed by numerous awards such as Forbes Diamond, Business Gazelle, Business Dragon, Fair Play award, European Company, EU Standard and many more.

Besides LUG, a new brand, FLASH&DQ was created in 2012. FLASH&DQ is another LUG Light Factory Ltd trade mark. The products of the FLASH&DQ brand are distinguished by originality and sophisticated design.
A unique approach towards design was appreciated by the jury of Good Design organised  by the Institute of Industrial Design. In 2012, HB886 was awarded the main prize in the Public Sector category.

At the end of 2008, LUG Capital Group Ltd relocated to a modern production-warehouse-office complex, built in the Economic Activity Zone of Zielona Góra. Tax benefits which are sure to strengthen the company’s position are the main advantage of this location. In 2013 another investment was made to expand the complex into a modern LED-components production hall. The investment was carried out with perfect precision. The hall was built in less than eight months.