LUG has its representative on the Supervisory Board of SEG

13 April 2022

We are proud toannounce that Jakub Wtorkowski, Proxy and Strategic Finance and Risk Director will represent the Capital Group of LUG S.A. in the Supervisory Board of the Association of Stock Exchange Issuers.

SEG is the largest organization in Poland associating companies listed on the Polish capital market and representing their interests. Jakub Wtorkowski was appointed to the Supervisory Board by the General Meeting of Shareholders of SEG.

As an ordinary member, he will supervise the activities of the Association on behalf of member companies listed on NewConnect market. The Supervisory Board of SEG consists of 8 members representing significant Issuers who are member companies and the so-called supporting members of the Association.

The full composition of the newly elected Supervisory Board can be found HERE.



The Association of Stock Exchange Issuers is an organization that looks after the development of the Polish capital market and represents the interests of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It provides the issuers' community with knowledge and advice on the regulation of the stock market as well as the rights and obligations of participating companies. Being an expert organization, it aims to spread and exchange knowledge enabling the development of the capital market and modern market economy in Poland.

LUG has its representative on the Supervisory Board of SEG